We're experts in application development. Learn the latest in web application development from us. We can train, mentor and help your team reach higher levels of productivity.


Ruby on Rails

We offer complete end-to-end training on Rails. Our program covers everything necessary to become productive with Rails. Our program can be presented as a one day heads-up intro, or as a multi-day hands on intensive workshop. Let us craft a program that fits your team.


JRuby and JRuby on Rails

We have extensive experience with JRuby. Let us help your team come up to speed on Ruby and learn how JRuby can allow you to utilize your Java libraries and knowledge to speed development. Our program can focus on using JRuby as a scripting and glue language, or using JRuby with Rails while integrating legacy Java services, such as Spring and other Java Enterprise services.


Test and Behavior Driven Development

Learn the latest in Behavior Driven Development and how it can apply in your environment. From a one day heads-up intro to a full blown multi-day hands on workshop we can train your developers on the latest techniques in testing and software specification. Our program can cover RSpec, Shoulda, Test::Unit, Cucumber, and advanced testing patterns and practices.